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Mike Guitar Maddux!

The Duo - Mike and Bertye Maddux

With roots in traditional bluegrass music, Mike and Bertye Maddux have been featured in concerts, festivals, and flatpicking guitar workshops around the United States.

A Winfield, Kansas, National Flatpicking Guitar Championship trophy winner, Mike features original instrumentals and songs from bluegrass and flatpicking guitar masters. Some of his original tunes are available on this web site in the audio section, or can be accessed via reverbnation using the icon at the bottom of the page.

With Bertye on bass and vocals this is an exciting, dynamic, and fun duo, that are always a popular addition to any concert and festival venue.

A longtime teacher of flatpicking guitar styles, Mike is the author of the popular column Mastering the Fingerboard , which was featured in nearly every issue of Flatpick Guitar magazine throughout its publication history.

Bertye Maddux on bass
Bertye Maddux on bass


Here is the concert schedule - including the MMJQ, MMBB, and the DUO!

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FRIDAY, 3RD NOVEMBER, 2023 6:00-9:00 PM



Cucuru - in Old Colorado City - Next to Bancroft park!
2332 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO

Famous for pulled pork sandwiches and tapas!

Featuring Mike guitarist -- SONGS - TUNES - IMPROV - FUN!

Mike Jazz Guitar at Cucuru

Audio Collection

Click an image to hear an audio sample

Bluegrass and Fiddle Tunes


Songs written by Mike Maddux

Red Haired Boy

Miners Turn

Toasted Records


guitar shop

Cindy Cindy

Red Haired Boy

Coal Tattoo

My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

Toasted Records

New Ebeneezer

Toasted Records

Zach's Blues

Toasted Records

Mayan Sunrise

Red Haired Boy

Take 4

Red Haired Boy

Monroe Medley

Red Haired Boy

Make Me A Pallet

Toasted Records

Stutterin Preacher

Red Haired Boy

Jerusalem Ridge

Red Haired Boy

Golden Wedding Reel

Ol Banjo - CD - Excerpts from Mike and Bertye's CD from 1997

All Songs written by Bertye Maddux and traditional

Toasted Records

Road To New Amelo

Toasted Records

Ramblin Kind

Toasted Records

Santa Fe Railroad Line

ol banjo

Beaumont Rag

Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes

Songs written by Mike Maddux and traditional

Red Haired Boy

Red Haired Boy

FGM Records

Girl I Left Behind

Toasted Records

Billy in the Lowground

The FGM Collection

Tunes Mike wrote and recorded for Flatpick Guitar Magazine

ol banjo

Walk With Me

Toasted Records


Video Collection

Mike and Bertye Music

Pallet On Your Floor


Cherokee Shuffle


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Mike and the HEADLINERS

Featured at festivals and concerts the Headliners play regularly as a trio.

Original and traditional music from roots in classic rock, bluegrass, jazz, and great instrumentals the Headliners can be heard every other last Friday of the month at Rico's Cafe in downtown Colorado Springs. Check the concert schedule below for recent updates to their performances!

Bertye Maddux on bass and vocals.

Bertye Maddux on bass

Music in the blood Bertye is a third generation old time and country musician. On bass she provides the solid foundation for the band.

Mike Maddux on Guitar and vocals

Mike Maddux on guitar

Recording artist, author, instructor, songwriter, guitarists and vocalist, Mike is a National Flatpicking Championship trophy winner, taking third place honors in 1995. His column Mastering the Fingerboard was featured along with the recording in nearly every issue of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine.

Jim Christian on Fiddle and Vocals

Jimmy Christian on fiddle

Winning the National Old-Time Fiddle contest twice Jimmy brings a fantastic fiddle sound to the band.

Headliners Videos

Headliners - Sunday Morning Comin Down

Sunday Morning

Live at Meadow Grass

Edmund Fitzgerald
Mike Maddux Guitarist
Mike Maddux Guitarist

Original and traditional bluegrass flatpicking guitar, folk, classic rock, jazz.

From his roots in bluegrass music and playing traditional fiddle tunes on guitar Mike continues to keep the tradition alive with these great acts. Featuring traditional bluegrass, fiddle tunes, classic country, humor, and outstanding original material these concerts have something for everyone.

A Winfield, Kansas, National Flatpicking Championship trophy winner, taking third place honors in 1995, his column Mastering the Fingerboard was featured along with the recording of the column on CD in nearly every issue of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine.

Well known in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West, Mike has played mountain bars, concert halls, and folk festivals in Colorado and around the United States.

Now performing with multiple combinations as a solo, in the Mike and Bertye Maddux duo, with his bluegrass progressive psychojamgrass act the Headliners, and featuring his bebop jazz quartet the MMJQ. Previous acts include the award winning Best in the Rocky Mountain West traditional bluegrass bands Heartland, Full Moon Rising, the Bertye Maddux Band, and the Colorado Springs Contemporary Jazz Big Band.

Credits include concert performances with Gary Cook, Steve Kaufman, Pete Wernick, and the current band personnel including with the Headliners Bertye Maddux on bass, old time fiddle national champion Jimmy Christian on fiddle, and with the MMJQ on sax Sam Milazzo, bass John Bryne, Frank Sanchez, or Mike Vunovich, and percussion Bobby McGuffin, Scott Barbier, and John Zurek share the duty.


Mike Maddux Jazz Quartet - MMJQ

The MMJQ is a traditional jazz quartet. Guitar, saxophone, bass, and drums, make up an exciting ensemble performing songs from greats like Charlie Parker (aka Bird), John Coletrane, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis and more.

The MMJQ is featured regularly at Cucuru in Colorado Springs - check the concert schedule for upcoming appearances.

Mike Maddux Guitar /Vocals

Mike Maddux jazz guitar

On the jazz guitar Mike enjoys keeping the mainstream sounds alive.

Sam Milazzo saxophones

Mike and Sam

Leader and lead alto for the Wednesday night Big Band in the Springs, Sam brings his unique interpretation to the show and always with plenty of humorous insight.

Mike Vunovich on bass

Mike Vunovich on bass

Mike Vunovich is a native of Colorado. He began playing jazz with the MMJQ off and on as early as 2012. After finishing a degree in music he plays regularly with the Pueblo symphony as well as other acts in the area.

Scott Barbier percussion

Bobby McGuffin on percussion

Long time artist and session player, Scott Barbier is always a welcome addition to the show.

MMJQ - Mike Maddux Jazz Quartet Videos

MMJQ - St. Thomas

Live at Cucuru with MMJQ