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The Duo - Mike and Bertye Maddux

Join Mike and Bertye on a captivating Americana and bluegrass roots flavored musical experience.

Soulful vocals and stellar musicianship of flatpicking guitar master Mike on acoustic guitar blend with the rich tones of Bertye's bass guitar, lead, and harmony vocals to create a spellbinding fusion of bluegrass, folk, old country, and jazz influenced psychojamgrass.

Together more than three decades, through multiple recordings, and hundreds of personal appearances, the popular husband and wife team of Mike and Bertye Maddux bring a harmonious blend of sincere vocals, intricate harmonies, and original songs and arrangments that resonate with authenticity and a genuine love for the bluegrass roots that have shaped their musical journey.

Mike is an outstanding flatpicking guitarist whose virtuosity earned a trophy in the prestigious National Flatpicking Championship.

His legacy extends beyond the stage, marked by contributions as a columnist and recording artist for Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, where he shared insight with a global community of guitar enthusiasts with his featured column Mastering the Fingerboard. His flatpicking guitar workshops have been featured at festivals around the United States. With each issue of the magazine, Mike recorded a CD with the lessons and songs that he created, leading to an impressive discography of over 80 CDs including numerous original instrumentals.

Bertye, a talented song writer, vocalist, and a masterful bassist whose Fender Precision Bass provides the perfect foundation for the duo's sonic exploration.

Bertye has written several songs receiving National and International airplay, including Nashville Public radio. On the couple's Little Country Schoolhouse CD, Bertye composed nearly all of the songs as well as played mandolin.

Collaborations on recordings include luminaries like Dr. Banjo Pete Wernick, the esteemed fiddler Paul Shelasky and outstanding bassist daughter Ruth Maddux on the Little Country Schoolhouse CD. Three-time National Flatpicking Champ and Colorado Music Hall of Famer Gary Cook joins Mike on the FGM Recording Hot 'N Spicy.


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  • APRIL 2024


FRIDAY, 26th April, 2024 6:00-9:00 PM


Over Ice

Over Ice - the pub inside the Woodland Country Lodge
730 Country Dr, Woodland Park, Co 80863 (719) 728-9181

Under new management! Great Selection! Full Bar!

Mike and Bertye



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