Use the RIGHT and LEFT Arrows on the audio player above to select additional recordings. All songs performed, arranged by Michel A. Maddux. The composer was listed as noted.

  • Beaumont Rag - Trad.

    Beaumont Rag - from Doc Watson and Robert Shaeffer influences with a bit of Clarance White. This is pure flatpicking!

  • Take 4 -- Michel A. Maddux

    An original tune that I wrote in the modern jazz psychoJamGrass style. This one gives the band a chance to stretch out a bit in the key of B-Minor for some new age type acoustic music.

  • Round Midnight - Thelonious Monk arranged - Michel A. Maddux

    For 25 years I played a free concert every Wednesday night with the Colorado Springs Contemporary Jazz Big Band. At first on trumpet then later on guitar. We featured a lot of Monk - and I found that I liked to play them on guitar, so here is one of the greats. Round Midnight has been recorded by different artists including Sting. This one I did on July 24,2016, a Sunday afternoon in my studio - just messing around. I'm playing both guitars. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Miners Turn - Michel A. Maddux

    Written for a column in FGM in Aminor. Thinking about the miners in Chile trapped underground waiting their turn.

  • Cindy Cindy - Trad.

    Heard this on the John Wayne movie Rio Bravo sung in the jailhouse by Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson. open A.

  • Age - Croce

    Always loved Jim Croce song writing and too bad he left the earth way too soon. This is one of his less well known songs but a great one nonetheless.

  • Song for Liora -- Michel A. Maddux

    I wrote this one to show what a song with Drop-D tuning might sound like. Named it for my Granddaughter Liora!

  • Zachs Blues - Michel A. Maddux

    Another one from FGM records. For that issue of the magazine we were thinking about blues and the pentatonic blues scales. I wrote this one to show what a fast bluegrass blues tune might sound like. Named after my son. He's been gone since 2006. Miss you Zach!

  • Night has 1000 Eyes - Michel A. Maddux

    My arrangement of a song I heard John Coletrane play. Great jazz and sounds great on the acoustic Martin HD-28!

  • Gnarly - Michel A. Maddux

    Another one that I wrote just to have fun with. This one is sort of an uptempo psychoJamGrass tune that I originally worte for FGM records. The song was a bit gnarly to learn.

  • Georgia - Hoagy Carmichael

    My arrangement of a beautiful jazz standard. Hoagy Carhmichael wrote this song along with other jazz standards like Stardust. It is now the state song for the state of Georgia. I posted the full version to youtube. You might catch Hoagy Carmichael playing mandolin on reruns of the western TV show 'Laramie" where he was a regular.

  • Stutterin Preacher - Michel A. Maddux

    In this one the preacher stutters a bit on the first part, but the second part is pure heaven!

  • John Wilkes Booth -- Chapin-Carpenter

    Tony Rice commissioned Mary Chapin-Carpenter to write a song about the assasination of Abraham Lincoln told from the southern side.

  • Minor Swing - Reinhardt/Grapelli

    Django and Stephan -- the fiddle guitar duo - that started the gypsy jazz swing movement. My version is a bit like Grisman but still thinking of Django.

  • Wild Bill Jones - Trad.

    This is a great tune to stretch out - and I include a bit of Lonesome Reuben and even some Beatles